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If You Feed Em

Lets face it – we live in the South, and critters, creepy crawlers and bugs are a part of our lives.

As far as termites go, the trained, certified pest control professionals of Pied Piper Pest Control can help you keep them out of your house, saving you thousands in repair or replacement costs from the damage they can cause.

By the way you cannot get repair-replace treatment once you have termite damage, so it is important to make sure your home is treated during construction, if possible, and at the very least regularly once the house is built. Our bait systems, when properly maintained, are your best defense against termite infestation and the resulting damage. Well place the bait stations at appropriate intervals around your home and check them regularly, replacing the bait in any station that has “termite activity.” You can feel safe and secure, knowing that your bait stations are working and your home isnt “lunch” to these voracious pests!

When it comes to other Georgia pests, the Pied Piper and his team will treat the problem and identify any issues that may be luring the critters to your home or office. Pests such as rats, mice, scorpions, roaches, ants and mosquitoes can be managed or eliminated through a combination of professional treatment and regular maintenance by both you and your Pied Piper representative.

You can do the following to minimize your risk of pest infestation between treatments:

keep pet food containers covered to minimize visits from ants, rats and mice
sweep bird seed from under feeders to keep mice and rats from congregating
seal any cracks that can allow access to pests – large and small. Rodents, roaches, scorpions, spiders and more can squeeze through surprisingly small openings to become big problems
dispose of standing water in bird baths, toys, pet bowls and gutters to eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds
keep interior surfaces clean and dry to minimize their attraction to pests such as ants and roaches
avoid using paper bags and cardboard boxes for long-term storage – they provide attractive breeding and feeding grounds for roaches, moths, mice and more
dispose of food wrappers promptly, avoid storing sugary treats in open containers, and empty waste containers regularly. Its a good idea to dispose of food and food wrappers/containers away from work stations to eliminate both odor and the opportunity to lure pests
You can feel confident calling the Pied Piper any time you have a question about your pest control program, or if you need us to visit and re-treat your home or office. We are here to serve you and keep your environment free of pests!

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