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Its Cockroach Season

Actually, most any time is roach season in Georgia, where our temperate, humid climate provides ideal living conditions for one of the most reviled household pests.


  • The three most common cockroaches in the U.S. Are the American, German and Oriental cockroaches.
  • Of these, only the American cockroach is capable of flight.
  • American cockroaches are also the largest of the three – ranging from 2.8 to 4.3 cm in length. Oriental cockroaches are slightly smaller, at 2.5 to 3.0 cm. German cockroaches are tiny in comparison, at 1.2 to 1.5 cm.
  • German cockroaches can live up to 9 months, while American and Oriental cockroaches may live up to 1 ½ years.

Cockroach FAQs:

Q. Do cockroaches really carry disease?

A. Because of their living habits – habitating damp, dark places and feeding on trash – cockroaches carry bacteria and viruses on their bodies. It is unclear whether they transmit disease to humans, but they do walk, spit and defecate on surfaces – including food.

Q. Is it possible to be allergic to cockroaches?

A. Some people do exhibit an allergic reaction to cockroach droppings or remains. Others may show sensitivity to the odor common to cockroaches.

Q. Is it impossible to control cockroach populations in the South?

A. Because we live in an ideal climate for cockroaches, it is likely that you will encounter these pests at some time. By eliminating their preferred environments – dinner scraps, unsashed dishes, uncovered trash or poorly wiped kitchen surfaces – it is possible to limit their numbers. Keep moisture at a minimum by promptly repairing leaking pipes or faucets, and avoid storing paper bags or cardboard boxes, which can harbor cockroach egg sacs.

You may find more of these pests lurking around your home as the weather changes. Our own habits of spreading mulch in flowerbeds, piling wood for the fireplace and unpacking items that have been stored in attics and basements are invitations to cockroaches. Open windows also provide easy access from the outside.

To control cockroaches – or any other pests – around your home this fall, be sure to call on the Pied Piper to start or continue your pest control service. Were great at keeping termites away, too!